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Exploring the Versatility of Bettertext: Use Cases in Various Scenarios

The Bettertext app can be utilized in various ways, as demonstrated by the following use cases:

Rewrite text:

Bettertext's "Rewrite" feature allows you to quickly and easily reword any text that you come across while browsing the web. Simply highlight the text, click the "Rewrite" option that will popup, and Bettertext will suggest a new, improved version that you can use instead. If you like the suggested text, click on it and Bettertext will automatically replace the original text with the new one.

Continue Writing:

Bettertext's "Continue Writing" feature helps you generate more content by suggesting new sentences that can be added to your text. Just click on the "Continue Writing" option while typing, to see the suggested sentences in a dropdown menu. You can then click on any suggestion to add it to your text, and refine your search by using the "filter" dropdown or clicking "more" for additional suggestions. This feature saves time and boosts writing efficiency, especially when you're stuck and need inspiration or want to expand your writing quickly.

Email Response:

Bettertext's "Email Response" feature enables you to respond to emails efficiently. To use this feature, highlight the text you want to respond to, and select "Email Response" on the Bettertext ruler set, or select the Bettertext icon in the reply box of your email. The feature generates a response based on the selected text and tone. Bettertext also provides the option to input personalized details to generate more accurate responses.

Write Answer:

The "Answer" feature in Bettertext is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly and easily answer questions on any given subject, establishing yourself as an authority on the topic and gaining more visibility within your community. By finding relevant questions on Quora or Reddit and using the feature to generate answers based on your input, you can save time, improve accuracy, and increase engagement with your followers.


The "Translate" function in Bettertext allows you to easily translate any selected text to the language of your choice. This feature can be used on any website by simply highlighting the desired text and selecting the "Translate" option from the context menu. Once selected, a dropdown menu allows you to choose the language to which you want the text translated. The feature then generates a translated version of the text.

Custom Prompt:

The "Prompt" function in Bettertext unlocks limitless possibilities with its custom prompt feature, offering users access to a prompt library to choose from and the ability to create their own prompts for specific use cases. Whether it's creating engaging product descriptions or titles, listing main points, explaining content, generating questions, creating step-by-step guides, bullet points, or even rewriting reviews or identifying niches and keywords for content.

Expand text:

The "Expand" function in Bettertext allows you to quickly and easily retrieve more information on any given topic. By highlighting a particular text or phrase, you are able to access a context menu that includes the "Expand" option. Once selected, the function generates relevant content such as definitions, examples, and more details.

Summarize and shorten text:

The "Summarize" function in Bettertext allows you to easily generate a summary of any chosen text. By highlighting the desired text, you can access a context menu that includes the "Summarize" option. Once selected, the tool creates a concise summary of the information, highlighting the key points and omitting any irrelevant details. This function is especially useful for saving time and quickly understanding the main ideas of longer texts.

On the other hand, the "Shorten Text" function in Bettertext allows you to quickly reduce the length of any selected text. This can be useful for condensing long paragraphs or reducing excessively wordy sentences. By highlighting the desired text, you can choose the "Shorten Text" option from the context menu. This function generates a shorter version of the text, while still retaining the main idea and key points. This function is especially useful for maximizing the impact of your writing, by making it more concise and engaging.

Change Tone:

With Bettertext's "Change Tone" feature, you can modify the tone of your writing to better suit your audience or purpose. This feature is available across all of Bettertext's functions - simply click the "Tone" dropdown and select a tone from the available options. Bettertext also allows you to add custom tones and save them for future use.

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